Humanity will end no matter what you do, so what do you do?

I talk about this a little bit in Robocentric Orientation available at  The current scientific estimate is that the Universe will end in about 100 billion years from now.  Although that estimate isn’t 100% accurate due to the limitations in the current scientific knowledge, I think it’s reasonable to think that the lifetime of the Universe is limited.

If the lifetime of the Universe is limited, then the lifetime of humanity is limited, because humanity cannot outlive the Universe.

That brings the conclusion that no matter what you do, humanity will eventually end.

Humanity eventually ending no matter what I do, creates a great intellectual problem for me.  If everything, including the entire Universe, will eventually end, what’s the point in trying anything?  Why not end everything now, why put up the whole show, when everything will eventually end anyway?  Why bother to do anything?  Why not just skip all the trouble and get to the end already?

In Robocentric Orientation available at, I say that …

When I think about the problem of humanity ending no matter what, I also realize that it is a liberation.  I realize that nothing really matters when humanity will end no matter what.  People’s perceptions and judgment do not matter.  Material affluence does not matter.  Whether I have children or not does not ultimately matter.  Whether I succeed or not does not ultimately matter.  Nothing truly matters when everything, including the entire Universe, will end anyway.  Why should anything matter to me when everything I work hard for will eventually be destroyed?

When my thought becomes that nihilistic, I realize that because nothing really matters, I have the total freedom to do what I really want to do without a care in the world.  I’m not hindered by anything, because I know it doesn’t really matter.  I work hard on advancing transhumanism because I love brand new technologies that open up new human possibilities.  To me, so long as I pursue what I really want and like, everything is fine.  Ultimately nothing matters, so I really don’t care about anything; I just try out what I feel like trying, and see what happens.  Frankly, to me, nothing else matters but advancing the science, technology, and capitalism of artificial intelligence, robotics, human immortality biotech, human genetic engineering, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, bionics, and interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic mass-scale outer space humanity expansion.

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